May 14, 2013

Yu Choi Sum 油菜心

Yu Choi in the field . Yu Choi is a fast growing green, can be harvested as Yu Choi (leaf only) or Yu Choi Sum, with main flowering stem & flower buds just about to open.


F1 Hybrid 70 Days Yu Choi Sum – 代 交 配 70 天 油 菜 心


Product Details:

Coming Soon…

Extra Early Yu Choi Sum   特 早 油 菜 心

Extra Early 40 (1)

Product Details:

  • Early maturity type
  • Dark Green Leaves, good stem size
  • Excellent type for use as miao / baby

F1 Hybrid Big Stem Yu Choi Sum   一 代 交 配 大 條 油 菜 心


Product Details:

  • Excellent variety.
  • Medium sized, dark green leaves with large sum for heavy yields.
  • Good for cool weather.
  • Suitable for late summer and fall seasons.
  • Ready to harvest in ~55 days.

F1 Hybrid 60 Days Yu Choi Sum   一 代 交 配 60 天 油 菜 心


Product Details:

  • Cold tolerant, late season type, best variety for autumn planting.
  • Large glossy stem with tall, dark green leaves.
  • Big size for heavy yields.
  • Harvest in ~65 days.
  • Very uniform, suitable for Yu Choy or Yu Choy Sum.


70 Days Yu Choi


Product Details:

  • Long, dark green leaves.
  • Larger size than 60 Days variety.
  • Good for Spring and Fall planting.
  • Use for Yu Choy or Yu Choy Sum.