May 14, 2013

Chinese Cabbage Napa 包心大白菜

Napa TaiwanNapa Taiwan 3

Chinese Cabbage Napa sold at a Taiwanese open market vegetable stand. Tropical napa varieties, such as seen above, are smaller, round in shape and highly tolerant to heat.



Product Details:

  • Taiwan Napa variety.
  • Extra early maturity, 50~55 days from sowing.
  • Dark green outer leaves with light yellow inner leaves.
  • Oval shape with excellent overwrapping.
  • Weight is 3 lbs.
  • For summer season.

Summer Ball


Product Details:

  • Summer use, heat tolerant Taiwan Napa type.
  • Wide adaptability with strong disease resistance.
  • Round shaped head with medium green leaves.
  • ~60 days to harvest, ~1.5 kg in weight.

Long Napa Tainong Nanjing Michihili


Product Details:

  • Michihili type Napa.
  • Medium early maturity, ready 70~75 days, weight 5.5~6.5 lbs. 16~18 in tall.
  • Strong tolerance to cold and many diseases.

SF-65  三季包心大白菜


Product Details:

  • Easy to grow.
  • Slow bolting type for spring/autumn sowing.
  • Mid-early maturity, ~65 days after sowing.
  • Medium green outer leaves with light yellow interiors.
  • Blocky, barrel shaped heads weigh ~5.5 lbs.
  • Best harvesting season from fall to early winter.
  • Tolerant to Virus, Soft rot and leaf spot.
  • Very strong against cold weather.



Product Details:

  • Slow bolting hybrid for Spring/Autumn sowing.
  • Early maturity, 60~65 days from seeding.
  • Big barrel shaped head, beautiful green outer leaves with yellow interiors.

Spring Sprinter


Product Details:

  • Early maturity, very late bolting characteristic suitable for spring & autumn sowing, ~60 days after sowing.
  • Barrel shaped heads with deep green outer leaves and rich yellow interior hearts.
  • Heavy yielder, easily produces 5~6 lbs heads.

Spring Early


Product Details:

  • Early maturity, ~60 days after sowing.
  • Medium sized plants with dark green leaves.
  • Blocky, barrel shaped heads are ~5.5 lbs.
  • Compact outer leaves suitable for dense planting.
  • Late bolting variety suitable for early spring to spring sowing.

F1 Chinese Cabbage Mini Napa T006


Product Details:

  • Mini-type Napa.
  • Extra early maturity, 50~55 days after seeding.
  • Small compact plants

China Express


Product Details:

  • Widely adapted and utilized variety.
  • Attractive, medium sized, barrel shaped heads, well wrapped and uniform. ~62 days.
  • Tolerance to turnip mosaic virus, tipburn and bolting.
  • Sakata Seed



Product Details:

  • Large barrel shaped head.
  • Bright green color.
  • Weight is 4~5 lbs. Maturity in ~67 days.
  • Club root resistance, tolerant to Tipburn and pepperspot.
  • Sakata Seed.



Product Details:

  • High quality.
  • Bright green, 2.5 kgs (5.5 lbs.)
  • Harvest Fall to early winter. ~65 days after sowing.
  • Resistant to Clubroot.
  • Tolerant to Virus, Soft rot and Downy mildew.
  • Avoid dry conditions at heading stage.
  • by Takii Seed



Product Details:

  • Medium maturity, 80 days after sowing.
  • Head size is 2.0 kgs, bright green, cylindrical, 45 cm tall.
  • Harvest Fall to Winter.
  • High tolerance to multiple diseases.
  • Takii Seed



Product Details:

  • Extra slow bolting.
  • Extra early, ~57 days after sowing.
  • Medium green, 2.0 kgs (4.4 lbs.)
  • Best for spring to early summer in areas where bolting is a problem.
  • Good also for summer to early winter.
  • Highly tolerant to virus, Downy mildew and Bacterial soft rot.
  • by Takii Seed

Michihili Jade Pagoda


Product Details:

  • Mid early maturity, 65~70 days after sowing.
  • Very tall, upright heads cylindrical in shape.
  • Good wrapping habit, heads ~3 kgs.
  • Cold tolerant for fall and late fall crop.
  • Close planting produces smaller sized heads.
  • Sakata Seed.