May 14, 2013

Gailan / Chinese Kale Jie Lan 芥蘭

Chinese Kale, also called Gailan or Chinese Broccoli, has glossy, blue-green leaves with crisp and thick stems. This vegetable adapts well to cold and hot climates and is grown all year round in California. After the first cutting of the main stem, the plant will grow many branches for subsequent harvests.

F1 Hybrid Late Season Gailan

F1 Hybrid Late Season Gai Lan

Product Details:

  • Slow bolting type
  • Dark green leaves

F1 Hybrid Green Jade Gailan 翠綠芥蘭


Product Details:

  • Early type, 45~50 days to harvest.
  • Vigorous & uniform hybrid.
  • Long, smooth stems with medium green leaves.
  • Delicious.

F1 Hybrid Emerald Green Gailan 綠華芥蘭


Product Details:

  • Medium class hybrid, 50~55 days to harvest.
  • Thick stems with dark green leaves.

Dark Green Gailan 特油芥蘭


Product Details:

  • Top selling, high yielding O.P. variety.
  • Smooth, dark green leaves with long, thick stems.
  • Excellent uniformity in size and shape.
  • Good tolerance to heat.
  • Very strong against disease.
  • For Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • Maturity in 50~55 days.

Late Season Gailan 晚生芥蘭


Product Details:

  • Late season, slow bolting variety.
  • Large, medium dark green leaves with big short stems.
  • For cool seasons.
  • Ready in 60~65 days.

Green Leaf Gailan 綠葉白花芥蘭


Product Details:

  • For Summer growing.
  • Heat tolerant.
  • Medium green leaves with smooth, long slender stalks. C
  • rop ready in 50~55 days.
  • Easy to grow.