May 14, 2013

Tomato 番茄

F1 Hybrid Mini Tomato SWEET RUPIA


Product Details:

  • Slightly bigger size than standard cherry tomato, deep red color with very good taste.
  • Fruits weigh 25~30 g. Resistant to Fusarium (race 1,2) , Nematode, TMV (Tm 2a) and Verticillium.
  • Indeterminate vine.

F1 Hybrid Mini Tomato ORANGE PLUM


Product Details:

  • Grape/plum shape tomato type with orange color.
  • Fruits are ~4.5 cm long, weigh ~25 g.
  • Good taste.
  • Resistant to TMV (Tm2a) and Fusarium (race 1, 2).
  • Indeterminate vine.



Product Details:

  • Early, vigorous, indeterminate type, large leaves, short internode.
  • Fruits are 240 grams, red, deep oblate, smooth with green shoulder, 6 to 7 loculi, 5 to 6 fruits per cluster.
  • Firm meat, less cracking.
  • Good for fresh market.
  • Highly tolerant to Verticillium, Fusarium 1, 2, Stemphylium and Nematodes.
  • Very strong tolerance to heat.
  • Takii Seed

Tough Boy


Product Details:

  • Known as “Momotaro” in Japan, this variety is very popular.
  • Extra early, vigorous, indeterminate type, medium sized leaves.
  • Medium short internode.
  • Pink fruits are deep oblate with green shoulder, 220 grams, 6 to 7 loculi, 6 to 7 fruits per cluster.
  • Tough skin, very sweet, tolerant to cracking.
  • Highly tolerant to Fusarium 1, Nematodes, Stemphylium and Verticillium.
  • Very strong tolerance to heat.
  • Takii Seed.

Tropic Boy


Product Details:

  • Early, vigorous growing, indeterminate type, large leaves.
  • Fruits are 220 grams, red, oblate with green shoulders, 6 to 7 loculi, 5 to 6 fruits per cluster.
  • Tough skin, firm meat, crack free, long shelf life.
  • Good for long distance shipping. Highly tolerant to Bacterial wilt, Fusarium 1, Nematodes and Stemphylium.
  • Very strong tolerance to heat.
  • Takii Seed.