May 14, 2013

Mustard / Gaichoy 芥菜

Leaf Mustard / Hseuh Li Hong


Product Details:

  • Popular Chinese vegetable.
  • High yielder, very productive.
  • Big leafy vegetable used in many dishes.
  • Cut 10~12 inches tall.
  • Harvest in 35~40 days.

Emperor Heading Mustard



Product Details:

  • Popular Heading Mustard.
  • High yielding type with large, tightly wrapped core.
  • Medium green leaves.
  • Easy to grow.
  • Best during cool season.



Late Season Heading Mustard


Product Details:

  • Late bolting variety with extra large ball shaped heads.
  • Makes large size in both cool and warm temperatures.

Wa Wa Jie Cai Mustard


Product Details:

  • New type mustard, for late summer/autumn sowing.
  • Center forms many small baby heads.
  • Good for stir fry.

Mustard TW Serrated Leaf


Product Details:

  • New mustard with heavily serrated leaves.
  • Strong pungent taste.
  • Strong in cold.
  • Good for tsukemono. Also used as baby leaf.

Spinach Mustard


Product Details:

  • Japanese Komatsuna.
  • High in Calcium and many other vitamins.
  • Very easy to grow.
  • Deep green leaves with tender stems.
  • All season variety tolerant to heat and cold.
  • High tolerance to common diseases.



Product Details:

  • Tall plants with long, dark green, serrated leaves similar to radish/daikon leaves.
  • Early maturity ~30 days.
  • Heat and cold tolerant.