May 14, 2013

Lettuce 生菜

Taiwan Sword Leaf  “A-Choy”








Product Details:

  • Very Popular, good for stir fry.
  • Medium green leaves are narrow and pointy.
  • Maturity 35~40 days.










Product Details:

  • Also called Asparagus Lettuce.
  • Vigorous and easy to grow.
  • Stem is light green in color, 6~8 inches long and 1~1.5 inches thick.
  • Tender and crisp.

Taiwan White Leaf


Product Details:

  • Heat and cold tolerant.
  • Maturity ~40 days.
  • Tall plant with round,  light green leaves.
  • Very tender.

Da Lu Mei Lettuce


Product Details:

  • Popular lettuce in Taiwan.
  • Loose leaf lettuce type, light green color.
  • For cool season sowing.

Natsu Red


Product Details:

  • Attractive, bright red coloring.
  • For spring to early summer season.
  • Early maturity. Slow bolting.
  • Use in mix salads for beautiful splash of color.

Lettuce Red Leaf


Product Details:

  • Darker red leaf lettuce.
  • Early maturity type suitable for spring, early summer and fall planting.
  • Uniform and high quality variety.