Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa, subspecies pekinensis and chinensis) can refer to two distinct varieties (see below) of Chinese leaf vegetables used often in Chinese cuisine. These vegetables are both related to the Western cabbage, and are of the same species as the common turnip. Both have many variations in name, spelling and scientific classification–especially the “bok choy” or chinensis variety.

There are many types of Bok Choy in Chinese cuisine. Below is just a small sampling of the many existing varieties. Please telephone us if you have any questions or have a specific request!

F1 Hybrid Tall Bok Choy Crown Jewel

PacChoiTallHybrid  2

Product Details:

  • Medium maturity type 45-50 Days
  • Dark green leaves, pure white petioles

F1 Hybrid Sweet Bok Choy 一代交配甜白菜

Sweet Bok Choy T-551

Product Details:

    • New:  High yielding Bok Choy type.
    • Upright, semi-heading with white petiole & medium green leaves.
    • Ready in ~50 days. Tolerant to high heat.

Extra Dwarf Pak Choi Tiny Jewel    特 矮 腳 白 菜 苗

Extra Dwarf Miao Tiny Jewel

Product Details:

  • Mini dwarf pak choi
  • 2 inches tall, dark green wrinkled leaves
  • Short, thick, white petioles

F1 Hybrid Dwarf Pak Choy White Jewel一代交配矮腳白菜


Product Details:

  • Excellent hybrid variety, compact & tight body, very uniform with dark green, wrinkly leaves and thick white stems.
  • About 4~5 inches tall. High heat & cold tolerance.
  • Harvest in ~45 days.
  • High Productivity and heavy yields.

 Dwarf Bok Choy 矮腳白菜

Dwarf Pak Choi

Product Details:

  • Very popular stir fry vegetable.
  • Dark green leaves with thick, white petioles.
  • Harvest when approximately 4 ~ 6 inches tall.
  • Matures in ~40 days.
  • Thrives in high heat.

Tall Bok Choy 高腳白菜

Bok Choy Tall

Product Details

  • Similar to Dwarf Bok Choy.
  • Tall plant with dark green leaves with long, slender, white petioles.
  • Vert tender.
  • Cut plant when approximately 8 ~ 10 inches tall.
  • Matures in ~40 days.

F1 Hybrid Taiwan Bok Choy 一代交配台灣小白菜

Bok Choy F1 Taiwan

Product Details

  • F1 Hybrid Taiwan Bok Choy type, bigger & heavier than comparable O.P. variety
  • Medium green leaves and flat, white petioles.
  • Ready in ~35 days after sowing.
  • Harvest 12~14 inches tall.

Taiwan Bok Choy 台灣小白菜


Product Details:

  • Large, oval, light green leaves with flat, white petioles.
  • Matures in ~35 days after sowing.
  • Harvest 8 ~ 12 inches tall.
  • Very tender, delicious.
  • Often used in soups.

Huo Guo Chai 火鍋菜


Product Details:

  • New hybrid bok choy.
  • Beautiful green outer leaves with white petioles, bright yellow interiors.
  • Good for stir fry & soups.



Product Details:

  • Flat plate-like vegetable.
  • Dark green, thick, spoon-shaped leaves.
  • Compact growth. Tender and good flavor, high in vitamins.
  • Good in mixed salads.

F1 Hybrid Joi Choi


Product Details:

  • Bright green leaves with long heavy white petioles.
  • Highly productive popular Chinese vegetable.
  • Strong resistance to heat and cold.
  • Slow bolting and excellent uniformity.
  • Matures in ~50 days.
  • Produced by Sakata Seeds