May 14, 2013

Wax Gourd / Tong Gua 冬瓜

Ang Gua 台灣越瓜


Product Details:

  • Pickling melon from Taiwan. S
  • mooth, glossy green with light stripes.
  • ~10 inches long & 3 inches thick.

Tong Gua / Winter Melon / Wax Gourd 大冬瓜


Product Details:

  • Round, blocky shape.
  • Very large size potential with white waxy coating. 35 ~ 50 lbs.
  • Plant in spring for autumn harvest.
  • Prefers well-drained soil and hot temperatures.

Tainong Tong Gua Zhou 冬瓜粥


Product Details:

  • Early maturing, mini-tong gua type.
  • Fruits are ~5 inches in diameter and 4~6 lbs in weight.
  • Light green skin with waxy white powder developing at maturity.
  • Juicy flesh, excellent for stuffing.

Okinawa Tong Gua 沖縄小冬瓜


Product Details:

  • Small tong gua from Okinawa.
  • Smooth, dark green skin with light spots.
  • Pick about ~8 inches long and ~5 inches thick. 3~5 lbs.

Mini Tong Gua 一代交配迷你小型冬瓜


Product Details:

  • Mini Tong Gua:
  • Dark green color with light green spots, ~7 inches long and ~5 inches wide.
  • Weight is ~6 lbs.
  • Heavy yielding, each plant produces many fruits.
  • Thick flesh, excellent for soup.